Saturday Cosplay Contest

Please read the following before singing up at the bottom:

Cosplay Rules

In addition to following the ColossalCon Code of Conduct, ColossalCon Cosplay Contest participants must also agree to abide by the following standards. Failure to abide by these rules and the Code of Conduct may result in disqualification or further disciplinary action by the convention, up to and including removal from the convention and revocation of your badge without possibility of a refund. If you have any questions regarding any of the rules in this handbook, please contact the Cosplay Department.


  • Participants may enter as a walk-on participant, or as a skit participant, but not both. 
  • There is a maximum of 4 participants allowed in a group for walk-on judging. Skits may have up to 8 participants in a group
  • Entry and exit from the stage may only be made at the designated areas.
  • Walk-on participants are limited to 30 seconds on the stage.
  • Skit participants are limited to 4 minutes on stage. 
  • Costumes that have won in competitions at ColossalCon or any other convention/contest are not eligible to compete for another prize. If The Contestant heavily modifies the Cosplay they may resubmit at a higher level than previously won. They may also be entered as an exhibition-only entry if they would just like to show off prior work.
  • Participants may not use profanity or make lewd/upsetting gestures in any language.
  • All cosplay walk-ons and skits must check-in prior to the Contest.  All participants in a group walk-on or skit for the Contest must be in attendance to be checked in during Cosplay Office Hours.

Ways To Compete

Participants may compete either via a “walk-on” entry or performing a skit (performance). A walk-on entry is an entry in which competitors walk onstage and pose or show off their costume in a manner fitting to their particular cosplay, however there is no performance part of their entry. A skit performance can be up to four minutes in length and includes a performance or dance in Cosplay, these skits are often rehearsed and carefully planned.


  • All costumes must conform to convention and state guidelines for decency.
  • Cosplays may be from Anime, Manga, Video Games, or Fanart.
  • No profanity, hate speech, or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed. Grossly offensive outfits, uniforms, or any cosplay with the intention of being of heavy negative shock value will be asked to change out or risk expulsion from the convention.
  • Absolutely no loose glitter is allowed in ANY form.
  • All parts of a costume must be removed from the stage at the end of the entry. 
  • Body paint must be dry before attending the Contest. Paint should not be transferred to the stage or anyone else.


  • No live steel or firearms.
  • All prop firearms must have an orange tip with no projectiles loaded.
  • All blades must be fake and dull.
  • All ranged weapons, such as bows, must not be tight strung.
  • No part of your performance or costume may leave the stage and go into the audience.

If you need assistance with this, or have any questions regarding the allowability of a prop at the convention please contact the Cosplay Department or the Safety Department (INSERT EMAIL HERE).


  • Skits performed may not be used to create a negative environment or include controversial material.
  • Participants may not deviate from their approved performance. Surprises are not allowed. If you deviate from your approved performance, you may be disqualified from the competition entirely.
  • All skits will need to be run through with the Cosplay Department for final approval.  
  • All Performance entries are to submit a Choreography rough draft at the time of submission.

Judging Divisions

Note about Divisions

The Cosplay Department Head reserves the right to move a cosplayer up to a more competitive level.  A cosplayer may ask to compete in a higher division than that in which the Cosplay Department Head has placed them. They may not choose to compete in a lower division.

General Awards

  • Best In Show
  • Best Chibi

Craftsmanship Awards

Judgment is based on close examination of the costumes prior to the Cosplay Contest (Friday and Saturday). Judging is based on Accuracy, Complexity, Execution of Techniques, Creativity, along with other elements of your cosplay.

When being judged on craftsmanship it is highly recommended to bring color reference photos of your character and progress photos to show off your work. Printed Build Books are always preferred, but we understand if you can only bring digital reference.

You are required to walk the stage or be in a skit to be judged on craftsmanship.

If you do not wish to be judged on Craftsmanship we recommend our Exhibition category, but please note that the Exhibition category is not eligible for any awards!


First, Second, Third Place Awards

Those competing in this category have shown exemplary skills in their craft and are considered top tier. If you are a professional cosplayer you fall into this category.


First, Second, Third Place Awards

This division is for cosplayers who have won awards in, or whose skill exceeds the Novice division, but who feel they are not yet ready to compete in the Master division. Professional cosplayers may not enter in the Journeyman division. 

A contestant who has competed and won in the Master division at another Contest, including previous ColossalCons, may not enter in the Journeyman division.  This includes “Best in Show” and “Best Master” (or equivalent), but does not include any Hallway Cosplay Competitions.


First, Second, Third Place Awards

The Novice division exists to encourage people who are new to cosplay and contests to compete. Professional cosplayers may not enter in the Novice division. 


Best Chibi Award

Young cosplayers (12 and under) may compete in this category and not against adults, unless they wish to. They must have helped in at least 50% (at the Department Head’s discretion) of their costume in some way. A child wearing a costume designed and built entirely by an adult should be entered either in the adult’s appropriate skill division, with the adult as a group, or an exhibition, out of competition, piece.   This is to encourage children to create.

Skit (Performance)

First, Second, Third Place Awards

Judging will happen prior to the Contest on Friday and Saturday. As a Skit competitor you do not have to compete for Craftsmanship. If you opt out of Craftsmanship judging you will be scored on your stage performance alone.


This category is for those who do not wish to be judged but would like to be  part of the fun! No awards are given for the Exhibition Division.