Otaku Craft Fair

Any attendee is welcome to sell at this Fair. It will run from noon-7pm in the market room on Saturday.  Any attendee is welcome to sell at this Fair. Any arts or crafts that you sell, must be of your own creation. We are welcoming authors to sell their books as well. We generally follow the same guidelines as we do for our artist alley and although we’ve never had an issue, we do reserve the right to ask you to remove any arts or crafts we deem inappropriate. Please keep to your own space and be respectful of your neighbors. Tarot/rune reading is permitted. Please no solicitation for donations. Please do not make items that contain Colossalcon’s trademarked logo or mascots.

Setup Details

After you’ve picked up your admission badge, you may head over to the craft fair. If you wish to line up in advance, the line will begin at the market room. Check-in is scheduled to begin 1 hour before the event opens, but staff will likely have the room set up before then, so be prepared to check in earlier. No sign-up is required.

Per Kalahari rules, you cannot bring product in through any of the glass entry doors. You must bring in product through the designated loading dock. To avoid people gaming the system, we will not be allowing anyone to pick their spot. We will start assigning tables closest to the entrance, and then work our way back, so the earlier you check-in, the better spot you should have.

Based on last year, we’re expecting a very full house this time, so you will initially be limited to half a table (3′ wide by 2.5′ deep). If you would like a specific table, you may request so from staff at the door. We will try to accommodate as we are able.

Steps to sell at the Craft Fair


• Buy admission and pick up your badge

• Line up at the market room.

• Once check-in starts, staff will assign you a table spot


  • Make sure you have change.
  • Cart your items to/from the craft fair in a rolling suitcase, so you don’t have to carry everything.