After Hours Waterpark Event

2023 pricing coming soon!

Looking to experience Colossalcon beyond the panel rooms? Exclusively for Colossalcon attendees, we are offering an opportunity to enjoy the water park in an after-hours!

For each night, get access to the waterpark from 9:30pm-1:30am on Saturday night where you can cosplay, take photos, enjoy the restaurant and bar, and most indoor attractions that the waterpark has to offer! At this time, we are planning to sell the wristbands for these events at the waterpark ticket booth in the convention center beginning at 9:00am throughout the day and, starting at 9pm each night, outside the waterpark.

The hot tub bar as well as food service will be running all night long(bars will close at 1am)!

Please note: You may not re enter the waterpark if you leave, so please be sure to have everything with you that you need (your ID, etc)!  

Waterpark Rules

-Clear bags are required to enter the Indoor Waterpark

-Towels are not provided, please bring your own

-You may not re enter the waterpark if you leave, so please be sure you have everything you need with you upon entry!

The following items are prohibited:

-Outside food and drink


If you have any prohibited items, you will not be permitted to enter the waterpark. You may however bring food and drink purchased at the Kalahari into the water park.

After Hours Waterpark Pass Sales

You can purchase after hours waterpark passes at the Waterpark Sales booth located out side of the Market Room (Africa 10).


At Waterpark Sales Booth: 8pm-11pm


At Waterpark Sales Booth: 11am – midnight


At Waterpark Sales Booth: 9:30am – 8:30pm
Outside Indoor Waterpark: 9:00pm – 1 am


Receive a 20% discount if you book your cabana by Nov 17th, 2022 when using code Colossalcon. Please call 608-254-3252 for rates.

If you’re staying at the Kalahari, you get waterpark wristbands with your room for their normal waterpark hours, but If you’d like to hit up the waterpark during the water park party at night without non-attendees around, then this is a great time. If you intend to buy alcohol, please bring your ID with you to the waterpark. We are limited to selling 2500 entries. Food and drinks will be available inside the waterpark during the event.

 Saturday at Colossalcon North, join us by the wave pool for Rave in the Waves!  Get ready to dance the night away to the hottest grooves from:

DJ Lineup

SENSORY WARNING: This event includes flashing lights, loud noise and music in a large echo inducing room, in addition to tactile and scent stimulation such as pool water and alcohol. Please proceed at your own risk and contact Con Ops/Kalahari with any questions regarding available disability accommodations.