Find A Photographer

Anyone is welcome to take photos at the convention,
but if you intend to charge people and cosplayers for
photoshoots, then for their protection, we require
you to purchase a photographer‘s pass. The purpose
of the application process is to verify your service as
legitimate, not to judge quality of work.

Confirmed Photographers:

Burress Productions
Camden L. of Timber Wolf Photography
Chris Gallevo Photography
Carlos M Photos
Danny AudenPhotography
Eddie B Photos
Hayley Stein Photography
Jonathan Tate
Kevin Lillard
Komorebi Flash Media
Mahou Maddie Photography
Marlo Louden Photography
Megan Renai Photography
Melanie Schmidt Photography
Ohmybreadsticks Cosplay Photography
Raptor Photo
Seckora Photography
SketchyDrew Photography