Interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a convention? Then let us tell you about Staffing or Volunteering for our convention!

There are 2 separate categories for working the convention Volunteering and Staffing.

Volunteering is a more casual side of working the convention. Whether helping general staff with badge checking or another department who could use a boost for a few hours, all hours you work apply to reimbursement for your badge! Volunteering is more flexible as well, if you only want to help for 3 hours one day we will still be happy to get you the reimbursement equal to the hours you helped!

Staffing is full commitment. We require around 20 hours of “staffing work” over the course of the entire weekend, to gain staffing benefits during the convention. 20 hours can seem like a bit of a daunting task, but we work hard to make sure that you get a balanced work/con life. Depending on the department you will only work one shift per day. Safety, autographs, dealers/AA, all tend to lean into one shift a day style arrangement for various reasons. While general staffing and cosplay lean more towards multiple small shifts to help keep the day moving and not static. All departments are different so though 90% of people will start in general staffing, ask each department what they’re work style is like to see if it best fits you!

Of course, 20 hours isn’t without benefit. We appreciate the amount of time you put into helping the convention run, so for every full staffer the benefits are access to staff suite (free meals/snacks/drinks all with your allergies in mind), free badge, free rooming with other staff, and other small benefits that vary year to year and department to department.

If you’re not sure about full committing to staffing yet, we suggest just submitting to be a volunteer! Sometimes you must test the waters first to know if it’s right for you!\


Responses start early September.