AMV Contest


So much of anime history is intertwined with amv’s. For some of us it was our only outlet outside of toonami for finding out what happened in our favorite shows. Eventually, amv’s began to have a life of their own as media became more widely available to the point that they started to bring new meaning and outlooks on our favorite anime. Some of them rising so far above to not only make us love the shows and characters in them even more but out pacing and becoming even greater than the art used to create the video itself. So, we want to help foster the growth of the amazing subset of our community and bring a new opportunity into the mix.

We don’t want to limit your creativity, especially in this first year. We want to see what you’re capable of with virtually no restrictions. So, for this 1st competition the only requirement is that it must be something brand new, made for this event. The details and specifics of that will be listed below but other than that, you are unbound. Show us what you got. We can’t wait to see them all.

We also know that every journey requires a first step, so instead of trying to overwhelm everyone (ourselves included) by jumping into the deep end, we are keeping it simple this time in order to create a solid foundation from which to build upon in the following years. And we hope to have your help along the way starting with categories. If you feel that your project can fit into more than one category, try to select the one that it flows into the best. This Years categories will be

  • R&T: Rhythm and Transition
    • AMV’s that focus on matching beats and frames. Usually having no limit on the number of animes they pull from, these people have an unmatched ability to find similar shots with in seconds of scenes
  • Parody
    • Using commercial, trailer, or comedian audios to make you see an anime in an entirely new light
  • For The Plot
    • AMV’S that use the lyrics of the music to retell/reframe the anime or shine a light on a particular relationship

The current timeline:

Fill out the linked Google Doc as soon as possible if you plan on submitting so we have an idea on who/how many we should expect.

All AMVs must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST Sunday, November 6, 2022. Post your video as an Finalists will be notified of their status as such on Monday November 14th, 2022

Contest Information:

Please No AMV’s that are more than 1 year old. As much as we love seeing these amazing works of art, the purpose of this is to create an opportunity for new works to enter the community.


No longer than 5 minutes

Audio Limitations:

As of this year there are no restrictions on audios except we can not allow explicit content as this will be an all ages event. If you can make something great with it, we want to see it

Media used:

Use whatever sparks your imagination. As long as it is “anime adjacent” we are open to it

Solo or Group:

It can be an individual, it can be a colab. Some people have different strengths and if you want to work together on a submission you are more than welcome.

Number of entries:

As many as you want. Go nuts! We know sometimes it can be hard to pick when you have more than one great idea so now you don’t have to!


They will be announced closer to the con

The Form

If you already signed up then you have been emailed this entry form. (please email with your name, if you did not receive an entry form) By filling out the sign up form you have guaranteed your spot and will be part of the contest.

Please note that some of the requirements have been updated since this contest was announced, namely that the YouTube video no longer has to be unlisted. It only has to be under 1 year old. We also are allowing other forms of uploading in the event you are unable to use YouTube but would still greatly prefer that as the method of submission for everyone’s ease.

If you did not fill out the sign up form but still want to enter, as long as the entry form is taking submissions then we still are taking entries. Please fill out just the entry form, and you will be entered in and be receiving an email from us soon! If the entry form is closed then all spots have been taken by other entries, but we hope to see you at the contest and see your submission next year or at another Colossalcon hosting this contest!