How to host a photoshoot

Congratulations, Photoshoot Leader!

Whether you volunteered or were requested to run the shoot, here are some guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone:

1. ARRIVE EARLY: Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled shoot time, and if running late, promptly contact the shoot page or inform someone attending the shoot.

2. ASK FOR HELP: Have at least one helper for every 25 attendees to assist with directions, handle picture requests, and keep track of time.

3. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: First, introduce yourself to the con staff overseeing the shoot location, assigned or volunteer photographers, and the attendees. Create a friendly atmosphere and express gratitude for their participation.

4. GET THE GROUND RULES OUT OF THE WAY: COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT: Make it clear that inappropriate or threatening behavior won’t be tolerated. Emphasize the importance of consent, especially for partner poses, and encourage attendees to speak up if they feel uncomfortable.

5. DO NOT GET IN A FIGHT WITH ANY ATTENDEES: If an issue arises, request the person to leave the area. If they refuse, seek con staff or security for assistance.

6. READY FOR THE FUN??? Ensure attendees with cameras position themselves at the front, hide badges for cleaner shots, and start with a full group picture to capture everyone’s presence.

7. 1ST HALF OF YOUR SHOOT: Begin with the largest groups and move through fandom categories (e.g., Heroes, Villains, Students) and then proceed to specific characters.

8. 2ND HALF OF YOUR SHOOT: Check the time and commence shipping poses while reiterating the importance of consent and appropriateness, especially considering the potential presence of minors.

9. START WITH THE MOST POPULAR SHIPS & GO FROM THERE: Prioritize mainstream ships but accommodate rare pairs and OTPs with requests. Be mindful of time and keep an eye on the 10-minute mark.

10. ENDING YOUR SHOOT: End on time, express gratitude to attendees, and provide a designated hashtag for easy photo retrieval.

Thank you for creating a fantastic photoshoot experience!