Guest announcement: Marcus M. Mauldin

Marcus M. Mauldin is a professional actor who is known for a lot of things! Marcus started his acting career in live theater then focused on tv and film with recurring roles on The Good Guys as Det. Lang and Dallas (the reboot) as Det. Ronnie Bota. His other television accolades include shows such as Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Walker Texas Ranger, Chase, American Crime, and most recently Queen Sugar as James Gipson. Marcus has had success in films with Gallows Road as Seth Collins, Sleeping in Plastic as Teddy, Never Goin’ Back as Roderick, and many more!

Anime and Gaming Fans cheer him on as Brick from the game ‘Borderlands’. GearBox brought Marcus back for Borderlands 2 where Brick became known as “The Slab King”. Marcus was even nominated in the Best Vocals in a Video Game category for the Behind the Voice Actor Awards. Marcus has continued his iconic role of Brick in Borderlands the Pre-quel, Tales from the Borderlands, the recently released Borderlands 3 plus the Brick and Tiny Tina DLCs Assault on Dragon’s Keep and Bunkers and Badasses. You can also hear him in your favorite games such as Mal’Damba (Paladins: Champions of the Realm), Justin Perry (The Terminator: Dawn of Fate), and Hero [Cocky] (Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi)

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