Calling all Adventurers!

A great treasure is rumored to lie hidden nearby. The path is marked by strange symbols said to contain hidden messages. Many trinkets and baubles may be found along the way, but the real prize is a token that grants passage to a land of wonders. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenges and solve the mysteries to find this hidden treasure?

Colossalcon North will be holding a series of QR code scavenger hunts running the full weekend. The more hunts you complete, the better your prizes. Completing a single hunt gets you an exclusive Colossalcon bumper sticker, the first twenty people to complete two hunts get a Colossalcon T-shirt, and the first ten participants to complete the third hunt will receive a free weekend pass to any Colossalcon convention of your choice.

The codes you will discover along your quest will provide the clues to the next step, but also a number at the end. Please be sure to save the numbers provided to you by the clues. You must have all the numbers at the end to claim the prize!

Stop by admissions once you complete your quest to claim your prize!